B&B Diagnostics | A critical Quality Control and Regulatory Compliance tool for your advanced staining platform
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Because Quality Control and Regulatory Compliance Are Essential.

Our product allows you to accurately measure the temperature of your slide pads, providing assurance and efficiency in the lab.

Accu-Temp Slide® Features

Anatomic Pathology laboratories use the patented Accu-Temp Slide to validate the physical slide-pad heating functionality of their automated Immunodiagnostic & Special Staining machines. These staining plat-forms require both routine and quarterly instrument maintenance in order to maintain CMS & CLIA Regulatory Compliance. Our Accu-Temp Slide provides non-bias superior temperature sensing accuracy for your compliance needs while helping you identify failing slide-pads so that critical patient tissue slides stain optimally. For the highest level of patient safety and machine accountability, utilize the Accu-Temp Slide.

  • Impermeable barrier prevents damage from liquids or humidity
  • Two large threshold temperature indicators for greater sensitivity
  • Slide-pad number field for precise identification
  • Unique adhesive allows each label to be reversibly removed and re-secured to the Log Assist, provided in the packaging.

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