B&B Diagnostics | Accu-Temp Slides 10/box
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Accu-Temp Slides

Product Code: ACCU-10

Threshold temperature indicating slides. U.S. Patent Number 10,431,126.

Item Number Quantity
ACCU-10 10 slides/box


Each slide features two threshold temperature rating areas, one indicating 93°C and the other indicating 99°C which will change to black when the indicated temperature has been reached. The temperature label also exhibits a field to annotate the slide pad number for slides that fail or frequent slide pad heating errors. The label may also be removed, starting with the pink corner tab and re-adhered to a QC Log for accurate future reference.


At the completion of the test, the threshold temperature indicator at 93°C should have turned from light gray to black while the threshold indicator at 99°C should have remained unchanged. After observing the slides, if any slides fail, contact your manufacturer’s local support representative.